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What Are The Benefits of a Wall Mounted Breathalyzer

Wall-mounted breathalyzers are used in workplaces to monitor an employee’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Businesses and workplaces must ensure their employees do not become impaired while at work; this is essential for productivity, efficiency and safety reasons. An impaired worker could easily become the cause of serious accidents that lead to death or serious injury; to safeguard this situation companies should implement an alcohol and drug policy as well as invest in devices capable of detecting any sign of intoxication quickly – an ideal tool for workplace safety is the wall-mounted breathalyzer which offers fast accurate test results making this an essential tool in keeping employees from getting drunk on-site!

An elevated blood alcohol concentration level significantly impairs one’s brain and body functions, including vision, hearing, reaction time and coordination. Furthermore, this compromises one’s ability to work safely in hazardous environments which is why most companies invest in wall mounted breathalyzers for workplace use.

Reliable and accurate blood alcohol concentration tests are vitally important to workers engaged in demanding tasks that require their full concentration and faculties. Radex offers workplace breathalyzers like the model above that are widely used across industry to ensure employees can perform their duties without impairment; it boasts an on-board ARM Cortex A8 CPU, color screen programming options and connectivity to workforce management or access control systems via keypad, swipe card swipe reader and USB serial ports for seamless integration into workforce management or access control systems.

Does Wall Mounted Breathalyzer Help Patrons?
As mentioned earlier, wall mounted breathalyzers are devices designed to measure blood alcohol content (BAC). It measures the concentration of ethanol in one’s breath by absorbing infrared energy.

Wall mounted breathalyzers can be found in workplaces and entryways as well as bars and some restaurants to demonstrate compliance with Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines. Their self-replaceable sensors reduce costly service contracts and downtime.

The Radex Alcostop’s features industry-renowned fuel cell sensor technology for accurate test readings. This long-lasting sensor requires minimal maintenance, as its built-in automatic calibration function self-calibrates against an NATA certified gas standard ensuring unrivalled accuracy and reliability. Furthermore, this unit is capable of performing up to 250 tests an hour and comes complete with a warranty covering both fuel cell systems.

A Radex Alcostop is not only functional, but it is also user-friendly. It features an LCD screen with easy instructions for taking tests and displays current readings; taking one takes just seconds; users simply need to blow hard enough into the sensor in order to reach minimum sensitivity threshold. Furthermore, this device comes equipped with password protection preventing unauthorised or unwanted access to its internal sensors.

This Radex model offers several advantages over similar devices, including its rapid warm-up period that ensures it returns to peak performance within 20 seconds of switching on. Compatible with various control access systems and offering adjustable pass ranges to meet company BAC limit policies, this device also comes equipped with dust covers for its sampling port as well as a user manual for convenient use – making it a durable yet cost-effective solution for businesses and public establishments looking for an alcohol free environment.

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  1. We love this wall mounted breathalyzer because its very BAC tester protective while being, easy on the eyes, along with a modern design, which is all good for us.

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  2. We decided to have it installed on a desk instead of a wall, but all in all it’s a brilliant alcohol breathalyzer and it does work as it should, and I do recommend it.

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  3. Great commercial breathalyzer really nice to use and looks good where its installed. Just what we needed. Thank you.

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  4. This breathalyzer machine for bars is simple to use, convenient to have and a great value for our money.

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  5. Excellent breathalyzer machine for bars I have given recommendations of it to several other business owner friends.

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