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Types of Alcohol Breath Analyser With Printer

Breathalyzers are handheld devices used to test blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This allows individuals to determine intoxication levels and know when they have had too much to drink to drive safely. Even small amounts of alcohol can reduce driving ability and lead to accidents, so drinking responsibly and making other arrangements for transportation home after an evening out are always wise choices.

The most frequently used breathalyzer is a handheld unit equipped with digital displays. These handheld breathalyzers are easy to use and provide accurate readings, plus can connect easily with a computer for logging data and have compact-sized printers to print out details regarding alcohol concentration, date, and time.

These devices utilise electrochemical sensors that measure alcohol in one’s breath. They can be utilized by traffic police, factories, industrial sites, hotels, restaurants, security companies, Bus & Taxi operators and laboratories among others.

Typically, alcohol breath tests work by measuring the Breath Alcohol Concentration or BrAC of an individual and then using that amount as an estimate of their Blood Alcohol Content or BAC. A sensor reacts with acetic acid molecules in breath to produce an electric current which is measured by a microcontroller and displayed on an LCD screen for viewing results. Some devices such as the Radex Alcohol Breath Analyser With Printer, offer more advanced features like premium fuel cell sensor, mobile printer and PC software for analysis of results.

This device is extremely sensitive, capable of detecting even minute traces of alcohol in breath samples. This is achieved via its platinum electrode which interacts with molecules to change light intensity passing through its apertures; therefore this sensor can accurately measure even low concentrations of ethanol for highly accurate results.

Most modern breathalyzers feature an LCD display which easily and clearly presents test results, while more sophisticated models may include features like an internal memory which stores up to 30,000 test records, battery-powered mobile printing capability and court admissible results.

The most accurate devices are those which can accurately calculate a person’s blood alcohol content by analysing deep lung air instead of the more superficial air we breathe through our nose and mouths. Such machines measure the ethanol content in this deep lung air before using this to estimate overall BAC. Such evidential breath testers are known as evidentiary breathalyzers because they can be presented in court as evidence that someone’s BAC exceeded legal limits; some such breathalyzers are even listed on NHTSA’s Conforming Products List for evidentiary breath testers.

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  1. This is my first ever alcohol breathalyzer, I have been using it weekly, and it really is nice, the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. 10 stars from me.

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  2. This alcohol breathalyzer is definitely worth the money. I was so impressed that I bought another for my Mom.

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  3. My alcohol breathalyzer is really comforting and very reassuring to have.

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  4. Glad I got this easy to use alcohol breathalyzer and with trusted anticipated results, each day I need to use it. I highly recommended it.

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  5. This alcohol breathalyzer was very easy to buy, and just what I needed after misplacing an older alcohol breathalyzer in storage, I definitely feel more up to date with this one. I find it more protecting than the other alcohol breathalyzer I had.

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